“White Apple Tree not only creates great electronic-based music, but lyrics that make you think. Social commentary and music have always gone hand in hand. Is it enough that young bands like WAT try to inject their passion and observations of the world around them into their music? Velvet Mustache is an awesome mix of music and introspection…

…In the music itself were similarities to groups like Dishwalla and Snow Patrol – the layered electronic sounds mostly based around a synthesizer built upon with drums and voices singing about growing up in Southern California, the trials found in relationships of all kinds, and the swelling numbness all too common in the madness of the everyday.”  —

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  • Youth [su_audio url=”″]
  • Clarity [su_audio url=”″]
  • Broken Bones [su_audio url=”″]
  • Rakehead [su_audio url=”″]
  • Mr. Sanity [su_audio url=”″]
  • Sleep [su_audio url=”″]
  • Break It To Me [su_audio url=”″]
  • Snowflakes [su_audio url=”″]
  • As Seen On TV [su_audio url=”″]
  • Perfection Reflection [su_audio url=”″]
  • Bombs [su_audio url=”″]
  • Outro Bombs [su_audio url=”″]