“Tumbleweed’s The Woman She Used To Be is the first bluegrass CD/video we’ve ever played,” says Casey Clarke, music director of CMT Canada, “Bluegrass is the foundation of [country] music, and it’s nice seeing someone performing it the way it began and having it so well produced.”” — Casey Clarke, CMT


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  • Wake Up [su_audio url=”″]
  • Arizona Rain [su_audio url=”″]
  • Nobody’s Fault by Mine [su_audio url=”″]
  • The woman she used to be [su_audio url=”″]
  • I don’t want flowers [su_audio url=”″]
  • Children go where I send thee [su_audio url=”″]
  • Angry Words [su_audio url=”″]
  • Tripped [su_audio url=”″]
  • I’d like to be a train [su_audio url=”″]
  • Living in our Country World [su_audio url=”″]
  • A good Imititaion of the blues [su_audio url=”″]
  • The memory of your smile [su_audio url=”″]
  • All my loving [su_audio url=”″]
  • No big deal [su_audio url=”″]
  • You’ll be mine [su_audio url=”″]
  • Country Blues [su_audio url=”″]
  • I know you love me [su_audio url=”″]
  • Chain of Pain [su_audio url=”″]
  • Let your Child be Free [su_audio url=”″]
  • Today has been a lonesome day [su_audio url=”″]
  • Strong Enough (Bonus Track) [su_audio url=”″]