Digitally Remastered

Nashville and Los Angeles can make for great bedfellows…especially in the case of punk pop music like Spiral Red. This CD was to be released back in 2005 but circumstances prevented that from happening. Now is the right time after all. Inspired by the great punk pop bands, Weezer, Blink 182, Green Day….this band from Nashville Tennessee does not fail to pay the proper homage to their peers.

Nudity May Be Involved is a 14 song master piece that will soon be discovered by a whole new generation. If you like Fall Out Boy, All America Rejects, All Time Low or Brand New…you are going to love the band Spiral RED! Produced by Steven McClintock and Jason Pappafotis for 37 Records.


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  • End Of The World [su_audio url=”″]
  • Getting Over You [su_audio url=”″]
  • All Summer Long [su_audio url=”″]
  • Celebrity Crush [su_audio url=”″]
  • In Your Room [su_audio url=”″]
  • 30 [su_audio url=”″]
  • Superhero Guy [su_audio url=”″]
  • Oh Megan [su_audio url=”″]
  • Run Away [su_audio url=”″]
  • Don’t Take Me Home [su_audio url=”″]
  • Leslie Ann [su_audio url=”″]
  • In My Dreams Tonight [su_audio url=”″]
  • Falling Stars [su_audio url=”″]




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