The vocal stylings of Cathy-Anne McClintock area available as singles which you can here by choosing the song you want from the menu above.  You can also get the  full CD by clicking here.


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  • How Can We Be Friends [su_audio url=”″]
  • I Wanna Live Like That [su_audio url=”″]
  • So American [su_audio url=”″]
  • Strong Enough [su_audio url=”″]
  • Hey [su_audio url=”″]
  • No Matter What  [su_audio url=”″]
  • Save Me [su_audio url=”″]
  • Up [su_audio url=”″]
  • I Doubt if it Does To You [su_audio url=”″]
  • Crazy ’bout You  [su_audio url=”″]
  • All The Time [su_audio url=”″]
  • Who Knew [su_audio url=”″]
  • Treat His Children Kind [su_audio url=”″]