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David Fertitta and Steven McClintock met in high school in Beaumont Texas and shared a love for acoustic music and singing and created a unique acoustic vocal sound. After high school they moved to Houston and worked the clubs for a bit before heading for Los Angeles to try and ‘make it’ in the music business. In 1977, their first day in LA, John Braheny and Len Chandler offered them a live set at the now famous LASS Showcase where they were spotted by Ron Anton and Neal Anderson from BMI.  They were taken under the performing rights society’s wing and sent to all of the best publishers in town.  The pair quickly signed a publishing deal with Island Music out of the UK(Lionel Conway) and subsequently a record deal with the legendary hit man Clive Davis and his newly formed label Arista Records produced by Canadian producers Fred Mollin and Matthew McCauley.

The fairytale did not continue however.  Music changed, the duo changed, the record was never finished and they broke up.  Not speaking for about 25 years!!  It wasn’t until 2006 they were united again when asked to play for their friend Keith Taylor’s(James Taylor’s cousin)wedding.  The spark and sound was still there and they decided to just finish the damn record!  Fate reconnected them with Fred Mollin, their original producer and After All This Time was completed.  14 songs recorded with some of the finest musicians alive today cutting songs from the past and present.  Strong melodies, lyrics to match and interesting vocal arrangements. They sold out their first three shows in Los Angeles and basically continued where they left off. Still pissing each other off and making great music!

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