Folk/Americana singer-songwriter Cathy-Anne McClintock ( is striking a chord with people around the world who are suffering from Bipolar Disorder or who have a loved one who is, with her prolific song “Up” from her self-titled debut album. In writing the song, McClintock drew upon personal experience with her mother who suffers from the life altering disorder.


“I wrote the song because for as long as I can remember my mom has suffered with Bipolar Disorder. It wasn’t until I was about 16 that it was given a ‘label’. We just always thought she was beautiful, smart, flamboyant, spontaneous, spiritual, very energetic and productive until suddenly she wasn’t. That’s when she’d spend weeks alone in her room crying.”


McClintock adds, “Up’ talks a little about my mom’s childhood and the euphoric ‘escape’ that the manic side of the disorder can bring. It also talks about how we wish we knew more so we could have handled some things better.”


In the song, she sings “She’s got a heart of gold/But somehow was sold a lot of stupid lies/Did she have a dream or did it always seem/Too much to realize/It was sugar sweet/It was pressed and neat/Everything in place/But no one knew what she was going through/Such a pretty face”


Growing up, it was difficult for McClintock to believe that her mother’s ups, downs and overall sadness were nobody’s fault. >From this experience, she understandably connects and sympathizes with others facing the challenges of the disorder.


“When I look at a homeless person on the street talking to themselves, I can’t help but think that the only difference between them and my own mom is a relentlessly supportive family and the grace of God,” she remarks. “I have such empathy for those and especially the families of those who suffer through the trials of this disease and all the variations of it.”


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