Steven McClintock


With over 35 years as a successful musician, this is a sweet time for singer, songwriter, publisher, producer, manager, studio/label owner, internet entrepreneur Steven McClintock. With over 250 cuts including Tiffany, Andy Williams, Juice Newton, Sixwire, ATC, Shiny Toy Guns, The Nelsons, Paul Jefferson, Tumbleweed and more including over 25 films and dozens of TV shows, Steven is also very involved in publishing with such writers as Grammy nominee Pamela Oland and Grammy nominated Chad Petree and Jeremy Dawson from Shiny Toy Guns.

Recent accolades include the 2015 double gold CD of Robin Schulz’s debut album “Prayer”, the 2013 double gold 2013 double Gold Award for Snowflakes from the German blockbuster soundtrack KOKOWAAH, 2011 LA Music Awards Best Recording Act, 2007 Grand Prize winner of the International Acoustic Music Awards, winner of the 2010 New Music Award for Best New AAA Artist, Best Acoustic Male Vocalist of the Year for LA Music Awards 2007, and Best Acoustic Group for the Orange County Music Awards.

Steven’s love of music has long been reflected in performance as well as songwriting. He’s sung background vocals with many artists, such as Phil Collins, Carlene Carter, Tiffany, Elvira, John Jorgenson of the Desert Rose Band, Jeff Pearson, Victoria Shaw, Alex Harvey, Rob Crosby, Gene Watson, Don Williams, The Nelsons, Paul Jefferson, and Mark Collie. In addition to these live and television performances, you may have heard him without even knowing it, as he’s sung in over 200 commercial jingles for radio and television.

Production has been a big focus for Steven in the last few years with such acts as White Apple Tree, Paul Jefferson and Kevin Fisher along with his most current projects of Canadian songwriter/artist Joey Clarkson and Sugarland Texas singer/songwriter, Reagan Johnson.

Steven is mentoring quite a bit around the country with events such as West Coast Songwriter in San Fransisco, Road to Stanfest in Nova Scotia, Lucky Run Studio in Houston Texas, Songcamps in Greece, Ireland and Germany and of course his own successful concert series,THE SONGWRITER On the Road.

Steven is a member of Nashville Songwriter Association International, West Coast Songwriter Association, NARAS, AIMP, and NARIP as well as on the board for the newly formed California Songwriter Association.

Steven was a founder of, a song delivery and licensing format formed in 2000 and still active today.


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