The Songwriter Series with host Steven McClintock is a new series of live shows featuring interviews and music from known and unknown songwriters. Get into the minds of the songwriters and explore their process and inspirations and see them perform live. The first show which debut on November 14, 2013 met with rave reviews and was seen around the world on the live stream. The event is streamed live on so you can watch from anywhere in the world. See map & other info on the events page. $10 cover.


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The April 13th show will feature (click on name to see full bio)….

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Chris MulkeyChris Mulkey, the actor from Captain Philips, Twin Peaks, Friday Night Lights, and Boardwalk Empire, is also a musician. Chris has developed his talent as a singer/song writer, playing guitar and telling stories about everyday American life. Chris Mulkey and Deluxe, has just released a new CD, “Better Together”. Earlier albums include “Ride It Out”, “Wood and Wire”, “Voo Doo Walking” and “It’s About the Heart”. Five of his videos can be seen on You Tube.

As an ASCAP member, Chris, has sold over 25 songs to movies and television. Chris plays guitar and mandolin, His base is roots and country blues. He has played with Los Lobos, Don Felder, Billy Burnette,, and Branford Marsalis. He recently produced and directed a TV pilot about the music business, “The Never Has Beenz”, which he co-wrote and starred in with Cajun drummer, Eddie Bodin. It was shot on location in Louisiana and tells crazy band road stories, chasing that number one hit. Chris Mulkey and Deluxe, with Mark Marcellino, is based in Venice, California. They have been playing at the House of Blues in Hollywood and across the L.A. area including Rusty’s Surf Ranch on Santa Monica Pier, The Malibu Inn, the Mint, and The Key Club. He has headlined the Santa Monica Fourth of July Fest for four years and Mardi Gras at Cajon Field in Lafayette, and Lake Charles , La. In Austin, Tx.

Chris has played many times at the Broken Spoke with Chris Wall and with Jeff Hughes and the Chaperals. He was also seen at Trophies and Evangeline’s . Chris’s band plays celebrity events as well: five years with Dennis Quaid at his Austin, TX event, the Murray Brothers event in Chicago and St. Augustine, Fla. , and the Dylan Fest in Virginia, Minnesota. Chris plays across the country L.A. to Louisiana to New York City’s, 169 Club and O’Flarity’s.. Armed with that vocabulary in the late ’60s, he moved to San Francisco to discover the movement of the times, out there free-wheeling experimentation with everything, especially music. The radio was an amazing source of influence during during those very fertile musical years within the U.S.: Soul music, the blues, pop, hippy folk rock, San Francisco was the confluence of many creative musical waters and he took it all in.

From the 70’s to the 80’s, it was industrial strength and arena rock n’ roll with such bands as Jethro Tull, Ambrosia, Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, Led Zeppelin and so on. In the 80’s things got a little wilder and wider as he caught  the start of the “New Wave” movement, B-52s, Talking Heads, The Police, Specials, Spandau Ballet and it was time to jump in. He became a drummer!  So much for studying jazz flute and saxophone in upstate New York in the late 70s. Since those heady days he’s been working in the software business for over 20 years performing as a DJ at a small community radio station on Kauai, HI. As a radio DJ whose passion was world music, the seeds were being sown for his musical destiny upon moving back to the U.S. mainland whereupon he became a drummer again and started a band as a singing drummer with a friend from Kauai who lived in L.A. on occasion, Michele Rundgren (Todd’s wife). They played 50s, 60s rockabilly and classic country music at private parties and events in southern California.

After an ear-ringing gig one night, he re-discovered an artist from his radio days, Eric Bibb. played one of his albums and discovered that the simple combination of guitar and voice could increase his sense of well being, as a result and through some guitar playing neighbors, he discovered “three chords”, it’s been a whirlwind ever since. Playing the guitar opened his ears to genres that he would never have pursued otherwise, country, folk, bluegrass, and ultimately his own sound. Songwriting offers the opportunity to experience the world through a semi-poetic narrative perspective. Music for Eric Auckerrman is profound because of it’s transcendent possibilities, oh, and it’s also great fun![/su_spoiler]

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Ken Stacy 1On his musical journey, Ken has had the amazing fortune to perform and record with some of the greatest icons music has ever known. Ken’s voice appears on countless records, commercials and sound tracks…Ken has stood on the world stage and performed for literally billions of people! Along his path, Ken not only learned how to sing and perform to his fullest potential, but also how to share this powerful and invaluable knowledge with others! As well, Ken has gained a unique insight into what the industry is now looking for in aspiring artists. Major labels, world class producers and industry icons such as The Voice, X-Factor, American Idol, Nickelodeon and Disney have all reached out to Ken to help them find, vet and prepare exceptional talent!

Today, Ken continues to be a highly sought after vocalist and performer, as well as a vocal mentor and talent evaluator/consultant. As well, Ken balances his professional career with being a Father to the light and center of his life…his Son!

56th Annual Grammy Awards – Staples Center (January 26th, 2014) Vocalist/Choir During this, his 5th Grammy appearance, Ken lends his voice to the choir backing Grammy Winners Macklemore and Ryan Lewis with Mary Lambert, Madonna & Queen Latifah as they perform “Same Love” while in a history making moment, Minister Latifah marries 33 couples of all gender and race live! Many now consider this to be one of the highest and most elegent moments in Grammy history!

Vocaleague (2013) Co-founder Ken co-creates Vocaleague with Sean Holt (, an organization committed to creating a culture in which aspiring young talent and their parents/advocates can gain all the tools and knowledge necessary to be competitive in today’s music and entertainment industry while identifying and maintaining a connection to their values and purpose. As well, Vocaleague helps their clients by creating and implementing a plan designed with the purpose of putting real numbers on the board so these aspiring artists gain leverage in the market place and identify and build their own brand!

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Show (2013) Vocalist Ken sings backing vocals along with the Paul Shaffer Band to help induct Donna Summer, Randy Newman, Quincy Jones, Heart and Rush into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Randy Jackson (2013) Talent Evaluator/Consultant Ken assists Randy as a Talent Consultant to help find and vet talent for a new reality music competition show for MTV.

Nickelodeon (2013) Talent Consultant Ken was retained as a Talent Consultant to vet and deliver young for a new property being developed. One of Ken’s talent submissions was considered for a Principle role.

“Bridegroom” (2013) Vocalist Ken sings Garth Brooks’ “The Dance” for the opening of this highly acclaimed and award wining independent documentary, Produced and Directed by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason.

Rock of Ages, The Movie (2012) Vocalist Ken provides vocals on multiple songs for the sound track of this all-star cast, mega hit movie and multi-platinum sound track!

American Idol (2010/2011 Season 10 & 11) Vocal Coach/Vocal Producer&Arranger/First Line Judge

Ken wears multiple hats on this world-wide phenomenon as a vocal & performance coach, vocal producer & arranger, talent scout and first line judge! Ken not only puts through the season 10 winner, Scotty McCreary on the first round of auditions, but also mentors him during the first 3 episodes!

Ken was honored when requested to perform at the Michael Jackson Memorial held at the Staples Center, on July 7, 2009 before an estimated 2.5 billion people worldwide!

Album Credits
Ken’s voice appears on recordings for artists as diverse as Michael Jackson, Kelly Clarkson, Whitney Houston, 3 Doors Down, Jackie Evancho, Charise, Michael Buble, Elton John, Jim Brickman, Neil Young, Bette Midler and Julio Iglesias and has worked for iconic producers such as David Foster, Robbie Buchanan, Phil Ramone, Howard Benson, Humberto Gatica and Kenny Ortega. (alert!! music plays automatically on this site)


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Paul Waters 2

Paul Waters is a musician, actor, Author, record producer, songwriter, singer, and sound engineer, however, he is most recognized for his work in the field of music. Paul Waters began his musical career at the age of 13 in the small snowy town of Iron Mountain Michigan, and by the age of 16 had won the battle of the bands in Michigan with his group Mindfold. Paul Left home at 18 and made a cross country trip in his 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo he called “Irene” on his way to Hollywood, Ca to pursue his musical career as a singer/songwriter/Actor.  By the age of 21 Paul had worked and performed with Grammy Award winning musicians and recorded music in Europe, as well as all over the United States. He has worked alongside the Robb Brothers “Credited with over 250 Million Records”, Bill Bottrell, Tony DeNiro, Natalie Noone, as well as Sjoerd Koppert, and has continued to shape and mold his cutting edge and original sound. His music can be descibed as a twist of extremely catchy heart fealt ballads and an original alternative rock/pop sound with a shot of the blues and classical, fueled by his unique and powerful vocals.

Paul Waters has recorded and performed in Switzerland, London, Hawaii, Hollywood, and across the entire US. He has written over 200 Songs, played live on numerous radio shows, and has received countless awards for song writing including “Best Pop/Rock song” from the Paramount Group, $30,000 in advertising from where he won “Best Pop Rock song” for his song titled “Two Shades of Grey.” Other achievements include reaching #1 on the Rock/Folk charts on MySpace. Paul currently has over 1 Million plays on the popular social networking site as well as accumulated well over 1,000,000 profile views.  In his spare time he is also an author credited with the fictional story entitled “Sara Dwells & The Book of Answers.”   and a second novel titled “Jack.” Currently a Paul is busy writing and recording new songs as well as playing numerous live shows around California.


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Harold PayneHarold is a multi-platinum songwriter whose soulful uplifting songs and husky heartfelt vocals have graced stages around the world. He has written songs for such diverse artists as Rod Stewart, Patti Labelle, Kelly Rowland, and Carlos Santana—literally from Peter Paul and Mary to Snoop Dogg. The album “Bravest Man in the Universe” by Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Bobby Womack co-written by Payne, Womack, Damon Albarn (Gorillaz & Blur frontman) & Richard Russell (XL Recordings head) and won the prestigious 2012 “Q” award in the UK for “Best Album of the Year.” His performances always include his notorious song improvisations and he recently did a TEDx talk on “Preparing for Spontaneity”.


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ChuckRobertsLocal Singer Song Writer Is a featured Performer On “Dog Tales” a Nationally Syndicated show seen by nearly a million viewers a week.

Chuck’s songs have appeared in Theatrical and made for TV Movies

His Credits include

Wild Things – Showtime
And They’re Off! – Theatrical
Space Warriors – Hallmark

Charlie Received the 2010 Socal Music Live Best Acoustic Male Performer


[su_spoiler title=”Erick Macek” open=”no”]

Erick_Macek2013’s Diesel Indie Music Series winner Erick Macek, has been compared to some of the best in the business, many of whom he has performed with, including Jason Mraz, David Gray, Gavin DeGraw, G Love and more.

Erick’s professional history includes television appearances on NBC’s “The Voice” and several invitations to perform at the Sundance Film Festival, as well as multiple accolades, including four “Best Live Artist” awards, four “Best Song” nominations, an overal Grand Prize winner at the Musicpalooza national competion and “Best Male Vocalist of the Year” winner at the Los Angeles Music Awards.

A Native of Pennsylvania, Macek is a first generation Slovak-American who has made Los Angeles his home.



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