Fertitta and McClintock

Cashbox gives “5 Stars” to this 14 song CD offered by the “strongest pair of male vocalists to come down the musical road since “The Everly Brothers” and “Simon and Garfunkle”.” Fertitta and McClintock‘s voices provide subtle shading of colors from one song verse to the next leaving you wondering why you waited so long to put this CD in and play it. For love songs you will not find another CD in this decade that comes close.

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  • If Love Is Blind [su_audio url=”″]
  • All This Time [su_audio url=”″]
  • Can’t Change Your Mind [su_audio url=”″ ]
  • Be Sure [su_audio url=”″]
  • Second Avenue [su_audio url=”″]
  • What Is It? [su_audio url=”″]
  • Until I Fall In Love Again [su_audio url=”″]
  • Closer to You [su_audio url=”″]
  • I Wish You Knew [su_audio url=”″]
  • I Will Never Learn [su_audio url=”″]
  • Only Want to Be With You [su_audio url=”″]
  • Be There By Your Side [su_audio url=”″]
  • Do You Run [su_audio url=”″]



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