37 Records    An eclectic record label which is both real and virtual….retro and today…all at the same time.  A portal for single song downloads or full length CDs and a wealth of songs for licensing.  Information about, for, from and of the talented people within the 37 Record Family.  Started in the early 80’s, 37 Records has slowly developed into an outlet for all music needs.

With a limit of only 37 pieces of product at any one time, 37 Records features music ranging from singer/songwriters, children’s works, pop and rock, alternative modern rock, holiday music, jazz and R & B, country and bluegrass, rootsy americana to soundtracks, jingles and comedy.  Its virtual warehouse is available in 17 different countries on over 30 separate websites…all leading back and to 37 Records.

At 37 Records, tho digital is quickly becoming KING, we still love the physical CD and have quite a few of our artist recorded and distributed. The list includes: The Gromble, Judy Akin, Cris Barber, Fertitta & McClintock, Brian Stoner, Mindwalk, Don and the Roping Dummies, Cathy-Anne McClintock, Tumbleweed, Kristen Trayer, White Apple Tree, Charlie Baker, Don McClintock, Steven McClintock, Shiny Toy Guns and more soon!


Things to come for 37 Records and our Family. 

We have put together a new single by White Apple Tree called TELL THE KIDS following their hit song in Germany, SNOWFLAKES. We will also be preparing a new EP featuring tracks from around the world! The Gromble is ALMOST done with their new CD …6 new songs written for the project. Three singles are out for Alana Lee, SYNCHRONIZE, DRIVE ME and THIS IS ME and available on our website. In conjunction with this release, new videos for both SYNCHRONIZE and its acoustic version are available on YouTube.com or can be seen on our page. Cathy-Anne McClintock recently released a new video with Chad Petree of Shiny Toy Guns with the song NO MATTER WHAT. The video is in conjunction with Peace Builders and focused on an anti-bullying campaign. It features our artist Tessa Delee in her acting debut. Don and the Roping Dummies, out of Colorado, cut their first full length CD and are currently preparing for the second one.