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Welcome to 37 Records

An eclectic record label which is both real and virtual….retro and today…all at the same time.  A portal for single song downloads or full length CDs and a wealth of songs for licensing.  Information about, for, from and of the talented people within the 37 Record Family.
Started in the early 80’s, 37 Records has slowly developed into an outlet for all music needs.

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Meet Steven McClintock


With over 40 years as a successful musician, singer, songwriter, publisher, producer & manager, Steven is the owner and driving force behind 37 Records and Management. With over 350 cuts and over 25 films and dozens of TV shows with artist such as Tiffany, Robin Schulz, Andy Williams, White Apple Tree, Juice Newton, Sixwire, ATC, Shiny Toy Guns, The Nelsons, Paul Jefferson, Cathy-Anne McClintock, Tumbleweed, Pingpong, Joey Clarkson, Kevin Fisher and more, Steven is also very involved in publishing with Tim James at McJames Music Inc. with writers like Stephen Petree, Chad Petree, Jeremy Dawson from Shiny Toy Guns and Grammy nominee songwriter Pamela Oland.

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The Heart of Rock and Roll

Campus JAX along with Headway Productions is proud to present The Only Real Fake News! The Heart of Rock & Roll!!

As the longest running Huey Lewis & The News tribute band, The Heart of Rock & Roll is a top tier show that goes beyond mere tribute with a frontman who brings to life the sound and look of Huey Lewis so accurately that he’s fooled more than a few fans. 2021 marks the 8th year for our Southern California based tribute to the80s icons.

The Heart of Rock & Roll is still beating!

8:00pm Show / 6:30pm Doors Open – Limited seating, pre-purchase you tickets!

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